Many people speak about experiencing the journey yet not many actually make it a reality.

At Diversus, we focus on your business and technology challenges and developing a plan to get you to where you need to be. We see our clients as our partners, and we seek to solve today’s issues while never losing sight of the horizon.

Photographer: P J Hansen

Photographer: P J Hansen

In the beginning

Brought together by the desire to deliver quality work in an ethical manner, Diversus was born in 2006. The partnership of Directors works in harmony driving the business in new and exciting directions. It’s about evolving with business and technology and it’s about making all people’s contributions part of the process and solution.

Worldly locals

Diversus is a wholly Australian owned and operated business and actively supports the local IT community. Our consultants all possess a diverse range of skills and professional experience from a variety of industries bringing a wealth of knowledge to your organisation. Over 82% of our consultants have been raised in Australia with a strong understanding of the local economy. Yet 71% of our team has spent more than two years of their professional life overseas. What does that mean to you, our clients? Our consultants are nimble, adapting world’s best practice to the requirements of our unique environment.

Staying in front of the packDiversus Who We Are

Ongoing skill and knowledge training, mentoring and support are fundamental to nurturing our staff and developing them throughout their career. Diversus is proud of our supportive reputation which enables us to attract and retain high quality staff in the unique local market. For our clients it is critically important that our people are armed with knowledge and possess the passion to develop and deploy industry best practice processes and tools.

Our professional staff bring together a variety of specialist areas:

Diversus focuses on solutions to assist in meeting your organisational goals:

If you are looking for a trusted partner who reliably delivers quality technology and innovative business solutions, please contact us.