The Challenge

As with many major developments, some capital projects undertaken by Fremantle Ports have lengthy lead times, which can add complexity and expense. Yet, projects must continue to comply with ever-changing laws and regulatory requirements, fit within budgets, and continue to meet changing customer requirements. Reducing complexity can be challenging, since Fremantle Ports has numerous stakeholders; it draws input to major projects from its four divisions, each participating as appropriate to ensure project success. Manual templates and decentralised project development processes resulted in additional complexity and challenges for tracking progress.

The Solution

With the help of solution provider Diversus, Fremantle Ports did away with manual systems in favour of a streamlined project development system that leverages SharePoint using Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow. The Project Development Register (PDR) automates five major processes with multiple steps and 14 templates into an end-to-end workflow. PDR provides project development updates to stakeholders and aggregates project development information for easy viewing.

Paper-based project development forms were replaced, using Nintex Forms resulting in standardised and accurate data capture, thanks to context-sensitive drop-down lists, visual prompts, logical sequencing, and help buttons. Nintex Forms also eliminate the need to re-enter data into separate forms. PDR aggregates data so planners and managers now have a comprehensive view of projects, including development status.   Employees also use PDR as a self-service way to capture and preserve data for projects that may require approval in future years.

Implementing the Nintex platform allowed Fremantle Ports to maximise its  original return on investment on the SharePoint platform.  Diversus also leveraged the existing records management system (HP’s EDRM system) by customising a connection for storing and accessing files and uploading snapshots of completed gates, or milestones, into the HP Records Manager. This enables future retrieval during audits.

Measurable Business Benefits

Fremantle Ports uses the PDR solution for the planning, development, and implementation for all complex projects. This solution speeds the development of project concepts, streamlines compliance activities, reduces risk, adds value to project outcomes, and optimises project costs. It ensures that planners and managers have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions. Full project visibility and approval alerts keep projects on track.

Nintex Workflow automates five highly complex business processes. The result is end-to-end workflow that covers all project development steps, including reviews and approvals, to ensure these are made in the right order. This avoids the need to reconsider decisions, backtrack on implementation, rework designs, or address funding gaps. Automatic notifications from PDR reduce risk further by alerting employees to required actions, as well as to new projects or project updates that may affect them.

Key benefits include:

  • Solution leverages existing systems to maximise ROI
  • Workflow automation speeds project development and reduces risk
  • Broad, enthusiastic response from users

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