The Challenge

Tourism Western Australia’s website needed to provide a deeper online experience for visitors while addressing the increased usage of mobile devices and tablets. The website’s content needed to be delivered to the visitor consistently with intuitive searchablity while delivering on the brand promise.

With website designs requiring content from a large array of locations within the content management system (CMS) and external sources, the main challenge was to ensure administrators could create, manage, access and reference all of the content in no more than two interfaces whilst allowing the front-end users to experience a smooth and consistent website without complexity. Both aspects required a solution that was powerful yet simple.

The Solution

Working backwards from the end-user, visitor experience, the team developed the information architecture detailing all of the content that would be used in every user interface. From there, they devised a sophisticated page properties control panel that allowed administrators to pull, merge, sort, create and display content from across the distinct content areas to populate a common framework creating custom yet consistent webpages.

Key considerations for the solution were:

  • Utilisation of images in various locations and sizes, such as backgrounds, slider contents, feature images, preview images and thumbnails
  • Use of categories and indexed content for easier identification and navigation across the site
  • External search engine indexing for improved SEO
  • Consistent typographical presentation using a combination of bold and italic text within featured page headings, snippets, search result descriptions, page descriptions, short descriptions and page titles
  • Repetition of image and content style for consistency with manual editing features to enable granular control over particular contents in heavily curated areas
  • Search to use a common approach across different databases from locally stored CMS data as well as externally sourced data
  • Responsiveness and consistency on all devices

Measurable Business Benefits

  • Fully responsive designs – consistent delivery of imagery and content regardless of device
  • Enhanced search
  • Increased user interactivity
  • Intuitive front-end interfaces
  • Simplified, intuitive back-end interfaces for content authors and administrators
  • Simple and elegant administrator controls and interfaces
  • Granular control of all website elements maximising flexibility over content display
  • Sensibly reusable web content reducing error in delivery
  • Increased efficiency for content authors and administrators

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